Thisability: Creative Dance

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At Minor 6 Marketing, we believe in using our expertise to make a positive impact on communities, and our partnership with Thisability, a dance institute for people with disabilities, exemplifies this commitment. Our Web Design & Development services have helped create an accessible and engaging online platform, making information and resources readily available to their audience. In addition, our Social Media Marketing expertise has allowed us to share the institute’s inspiring stories, events, and achievements with a wider audience, fostering awareness and support for their cause. Together, our services have played a crucial role in enhancing Thisability’s online presence and mission of inclusivity. 

In our collaboration with Thisability, Minor 6 Marketing has embraced the opportunity to contribute to a more inclusive world. Through our Web Design & Development services, we’ve empowered their cause with a user-friendly and visually appealing website, ensuring that everyone can access their services and information. Our Social Media Marketing strategies have amplified their voice, connecting them with a diverse and engaged online community. We are honored to support Thisability’s mission of promoting dance and creativity among people with disabilities, and we remain committed to helping them reach even greater heights in their endeavors.