Podcast Show «Έξω από το Στόμα του Λάκη»



At Minor 6 Marketing, we understand the power of storytelling in the digital age, and our collaboration with the NewsBreak team behind the YouTube podcast show: «Έξω από το Στόμα του Λάκη» , which was recorded at Minor 6 Podcast studio, is a testament to our commitment to digital content excellence. We not only co-produced and welcomed this engaging podcast but also played a pivotal role in expanding its reach and enhancing its brand’s awareness. From the very beginning, our team worked diligently to bring the show to life, capturing the essence of its content and presenting it to the Greek audience in a compelling and visually appealing manner. The response and appreciation from the Greek audience during its very first season were overwhelming, highlighting the efficiency of our collaborative efforts. Our partnership with the NewsBreak team for the «Έξω από το Στόμα του Λάκη» show is an example of our capabilities in podcasting and digital content promotion.